Pickering Gallery in Pickering, North Yorkshire, for quality prints by quality artists.
and payment methods
We offer a wide selection of payment methods:

  • Email, post or telephone your order to us, making sure to quote the order number of each item on your list (eg: CT01).
  • Add up the total and add £8.00 per print for shipping worldwide plus £2.00 packaging.
  • Please note: We will not ship framed prints. They are for collection only.
Then use one of the following methods to make your payment:
  • Credit or Debit Card
    • We accept most major cards, such as VISA and MasterCard.
    • Phone, post, or email your card number, expiry date, issue number (if Switch), and security number (last three digits on the reverse).
    • When emailing your card details split them between two or more emails for security.
  • Cash by registered mail.
  • Travellers Cheques.
  • Postal orders.
Please note:
We do NOT accept cheques or Western Union money transfers.

All payments must be made in Pounds Sterling.

Email orders to:

Mail orders to:
Pickering Gallery
1 Market Place
North Yorkshire
YO18 7AA

Telephone orders to:
01751 477510 (UK)
+44-1751-477510 (outside of UK)

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