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'Rainy Day' by David Cowden

David moved to the Midlands from Belfast in 1972. He has been drawing and painting from an early age and found he was at his happiest when doing so. David says that painting is in his blood, it is an extension of himself, almost an addiction. Give David a pencil, or brush, and the world disappears. Inspiration comes from the hurly burly of city life, the urban world, men going to work, the way you can be in a crowd yet still alone.
'Visiting Friends in High Places' by Peter Brook

Peter Brook, the Pennine landscape painter, was born in the winter of 1927. He taught art at Sowerby Grammar school before becoming a full time artist in his 40's. Peter has painted many areas of the British Isles including Scotland, Cornwall and the Potteries but his first love is the Yorkshire Pennines; often in winter. His paintings depict a vanishing world; a world of farmhouses on the moors, of mills, of people who inhabit the area etc and include an element of humour, which is so much part of Peter's character. There are a number of books on Peter's work including 'Peter Brook--The Pennine Landscape Painter'. Sadly, Peter died in 2009.
'Contemplation' by Debbie Boon

Artist Debbie Boon is a British born painter whose work focuses principally on capturing animals in a stylised way. Her limited edition signed prints convey great expression and are colourful works of art. Debbie has worked previously as an illustrator for children's books. Her original paintings are highly sought after. We love the expression and playfulness conveyed in the animals from this collection of limited edition prints. Each print is limited to an edition size of just 250.
'Waiting for Le Phone' by Sam Toft

Sam has created an exclusive collection featuring her now infamous characters, "The Mustard's", Ernest Hemingway Mustard and his dear lady wife Violet along with their much loved eccentric friends and pets. Using mixed media, pencil, oil pastels, coloured inks and her own idiomatic techniques, Sam depicts a seaside world of faded ice-cream colours where the breeze is always blowing and life is utterly delicious.
'Middlesmoor' by John Sibson

John Sibson is a figurative a painter working full time from his studio high on the Pennine fellside in the village of Hilton, near Appleby in Cumbria. John has become better known for watercolours but as result of a summer school at the Slade in London, he has enjoyed developing a distinctive style in oils and acrylics. Over many years John has I had a multitude of one man and shared exhibitions in galleries, mostly in the North of England, but also in Scotland and as far afield as Spain and New Zealand. John has no great philosophical "artspeak" about his paintings - 'I just paint what I see and how I see it, and let the paintings speak for themselves'.
'Dispute' by Mary Ann Rogers

First to admit to living in an ideal environment for painting, Mary Ann Rogers is not only driven by the landscape of Northumberland, but surrounds herself with a menagerie of unwitting models for her work. It is the moment, which counts - the dark cloud over the sunlit fields; a look of aggression; the burst of speed. An artist who has always understood the importance of a lightening brush, and immersed herself in the physical act of applying only the paint required to express that moment.

"The quick and lively work of Mary Ann Rogers is a real treat... her animals are depicted with a spine-tingling and inspiring virtuosity... she achieves a sense of oriental delicacy of touch which defies description." Scotsman
'The Bay Hotel - Robin Hoods Bay' by Kezy Feaster

Kezy captures the dramatic beauty and changing moods of the North Yorkshire landscape through mixed media paintings. A fascination with how man lives and evolves within the land and how buildings and architecture sit within our landscape has always intrigued her. From moors to the clusters of houses that nestle into coastline cliffs, she interprets these in her own quirky way.
'One Wren' by Julie Burns

Red Hen Originals was launched in November 2008 by award-winning artist, Julia Burns, as a novel way of bringing original art into the public domain. Inspired by the stunning countryside surrounding her home in North Yorkshire, and based on the age-old method of potato printing, Julia creates individually crafted paintings which are fast becoming collectors' items.
'Great Tit' by Andrew Hutchnison

Yorkshire born artist Andrew Hutchinson is a wildlife artist and naturalist who uses his skill as a painter to bring to the attention of a wider audience the beauty of the natural world around him. Taking as much delight in portraying the decay of rust or peeling paint as in the birds and animals he loves so much, his attention to fine detail has won him a wide and loyal following.
'Cumbrian Hills near Buttermere' by Peter Hicks

Peter was born in 1937 in Osgodby East Yorkshire, but has lived and worked most of his life on the moors close to the to the North Yorkshire coast. Inspired by the drama and immensity of the British landscape, especially his beloved moors, Peter has developed into one of northern England's leading landscape artists.
'Untitled #1' by John Clifton
JOHN CLIFTON, photographer

John moved to Pickering in 2003, after retiring from a career in publishing. John took up photography as a child, following in his father's footsteps. Much of his work is inspired by nature and landscape.
RICHARD and JANET BURDON, photographers

Richard and Janet Burdon are a husband and wife team based in Ryedale, North Yorkshire. They specialise in colour and monochrome images of the natural world. Their work features wild remote places like the North York Moors, the rugged Yorkshire coastline, the western isles of Scotland and further afield.

'For us, artistically, less is more. We often work at either end of the day or in adverse conditions and using the light, weather and isolated features of the landscape we find the simplicity we are looking for in our images. Our work displays a passion for the natural world and by returning to the same locations at different times over many years we have developed a deep connection to these places. Using light as the fundamental element our work as a whole conveys a feeling for the ever changing seasons across this sometimes harsh but diverse and beautiful landscape.'
'Winter Wonderland' by David Holland
DAVID HOLLAND, photographer

David has been a Photo artist for more than 20 years. His long running interest in photography began as a young boy with a very simple camera, learning the skills of composition and lighting techniques, which have become very useful in later years. In the 1080's he began selling his photographic artwork, mainly of local Yorkshire scenes. David has since expanded his subject matter, while keeping to an artistic use of natural light effects that occur daily around us.
'Honda' by Roy Barrett

Born in 1949 in Birmingham, Roy was encouraged by his parents and family, when his talent with pencil and paints became apparent.

Roy's talent for drawing was also encouraged at school, resulting in him attending Art college where he studied Design. After graduating from Art college, Roy worked for a number of years as an Architect before joining BBC Television as one of the Design Department. Where over the next 20 years he was to work on Drama productions, including 'All Creatures Great and Small', 'Howards Way' and many others. Whilst with the BBC Roy continued to practice his skills with the paintbrush, but purely as a hobby pastime. The move from moving images in television to painting came about when the BBC were looking to reduce staff, and seeing an opportunity to change his lifestyle, Roy took redundancy from the Corporation, bought a cottage in Devon with his wife Sandy, and decided to take a belated 'gap year' in order to hone his techniques and skills with the paintbrush.
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